Artist & Researcher in Residence Guiniguada

Call for Autumn Retreat 2023

Minimum stay 2 weeks. 

Residency period: 10 September - 5 November. Deadline:  12 July 2023.


Early bird call for Winter Retreat 2023/2024

Minimum stay 4 weeks (from 20 November until 18 December OR from 18 December until 15 January OR the whole 8 weeks period).

Residency period: 20 November - 15 January. Deadline:  5 June 2023.


Call for Summer Retreat 2023 - ongoing

Residency period: 9 July - 20 August.

Exceptional artist / researcher resident / guest community, or solitude if you please, in a bold vast space that invites for musing, far away from heavy civilization and buzzing crowds, and still within easy reach, in an unconquerable castle, a landscape straight out of a fairy-tale, in one of the world's best climates by common consensus.

We are not about consumer comfort; those who like to stay with us prefer to get one step closer to nature – both their own physique and the outside, non-artificial environment – and are not wary of adventure. Yes, this is a rural setting, neighbours live here, cut the branches, the dogs do bark, also there are goats and roosters, even an owl you can hear at times!

In order to be able to slow down life, we believe it is worth breaking our routines from time to time – this is why artist-in-residencies have spread as a way of enhancing creativity through (re)settling our minds. Our idea was that the notion of the AIR could be expanded by not having artists exclusively at the specific location, but enabling them to mix with academic researchers. We believe heterogeneity always helps, thus, the more people could broaden their comprehensions of their worlds, the better for humankind!

This is why we start our venture in this house, not for too many persons, and not for too few. Our goal is to host, in this hybridised form of staying, people who are ready to leave the routines of their home behind and spend time in our company thinking, working, relaxing, discussing in our house. 

Outline of residency periods for the 2023/2024 academic year - Early bird (minimum 4 weeks, fixed dates): 7% grant of the fee, in case of approved application

Autumn: 10 September - 5 November. Early bird deadline: 15 February. Deadline: 1 May

Winter: 20 November - 15 January. Early bird deadline: 12 May. Deadline: 1 August

February: 1 February - 29 February. Early bird deadline: 21 April. Deadline: 1 October

Early Spring: 7 March - 4 April. Early bird deadline: 25 June. Deadline: 25 November

Late Spring: 15 April - 13 May. Early bird deadline: 15 September. Deadline: 15 December

Summer: 19 June - 14 August. Early bird deadline: 12 October. Deadline: 10 February