Gran Canaria

At a 3-minute distance, on the main road there is a pharmacy, and a small grocery shop (dairy, bakery, fruits and veggies). 

Further up in the valley, there is more subtropical cultural landscape, and then the peaks area, which can be seen from the house.
Very close to us, further down in the Guiniguada valley is the botanical garden (Jardín Canario) and the university (ULPGC)

There is also a bus stop, connecting directly to the Las Palmas Old Town and the main bus station (Estación de San Telmo, all other island destinations depart from here) in 25 minutes (10 times a day, € 1.90) or up to the village of Santa Brígida with a fairy tale village core and more shops (€1.40, transfer to buses to the mountains), in 4 minutes.

Las Palmas, courtyard of the Cathedral Santa Ana

Las Palmas

Santa Brígida

Tenerife seen from the top

The Protected Landscape (Paisaje Protegido de Pino Santo) continues beyond the road, all narrow roads with hardly any traffic, or hiking trails with zero people, just sheep, goats and shepherds, caves, groves, volcanic caldera and sea views. 

A hiking trail goes to Teror from here, that’s where the bishop lives, as well as Santa Maria del Pino, the Virgin, parton of the Island. In the other direction, the Bandama volcanic crater is within walking distance.

The rest of the breathtaking mountain landscapes that change drastically with every few steps are enmeshed in hiking trails, great care is taken for this in the entire island, it has a long tradition. Visitors also like to take bicycle rides, and a serious infrastructure has evolved for this, too. 

Landscape at the top

Presa de los Hornos

Aboriginal sanctuary at Bentayga

Caldera de Bandama

The nearest beach is the famous Canteras (yellow sand, rocky reefs) in Las Palmas: accessible by public transport from Telmo with a transfer; or the La Laja (volcanic black sand), which is not so well known, or the Confital (rocky). The also famous dunes in Maspalomas can be reached by a one-and-a-half hour bus ride from door to door, with a transfer in Telmo. Another 200 beaches of the island, accessible by car, are quite the challenge to visit one by one, these range from the version with imported white sand and cocktails (Amadores) through the ones with easy access and comfort to the small fishing villages that are always quiet, or the untouched natural nudist beaches that are too often windy, but fantastic in a vast landscape environment that you can reach by hiking. 

Playa Las Canteras

Dunes of Maspalomas

Playa La Laja