Terms & conditions

Terms & Conditions

This contract outlines our mutual expectations for attendance at the programme of Artist and Researcher in Residence Guiniguada. ARiRGuiniguada encourages residents to use their time to experiment, develop new ideas, learn new skills, and interact with their fellow resident artists and researchers and the community. It should be a time of rich exploration not solely in the exterior sense. Staff will help in whatever way they can to assist residents and provide an environment that is conducive to a positive and creative working experience.

These agreements must be signed and returned to ARiRGuiniguada. This document acts as a legally binding agreement for providing and attending the programme. Residents commit to stay for an agreed period to complete their planned activities, as detailed in their application. The artist and researcher in residence is not a hotel and the conditions of the contract are based on an investment designed for artistic and scientific ends with special attention to environmental concerns. Unfortunately the premises are not suitable for wheelchair users.

Rules and regulations must be observed in order to ensure a pleasant and efficient working atmosphere. Therefore, ARiRGuiniguada requests residents to maintain both the studios and the accommodation areas in a clean and steady state, as well as to respect the surroundings, the building and equipment therein.

The residents must manage their stay, and work, independently. Social scientific and art-consulting support, insights into local natural and cultural values, together with practical information are available from staff for residents attending the programme. Any questions regarding the resident’s project before or throughout their residency programme are responded to via e-mail, and staff are available by appointment between 10.00 and 18.00 hours. Internet access in the form of a Wi-Fi connection is provided.

The designated spaces serve as separate, individual ateliers for the residents; the terraces can be used for open air work, and the entrance building can be used for indoor work. The shared spaces are at residents’ disposal throughout their stay.

Additional guests cannot be hosted in the residency unless there has been prior agreement from staff. Smoking is not permitted in any part of the building interiors but is allowed in all open areas. ARiRGuiniguada has right of access to studios and bedrooms at any time with reasonable notice.

Residents are responsible for their meals and the household, except laundry, which is carried out by staff once each week per resident without additional charge. Travel, food or medical insurance costs are not included in the fee. The costs of art materials and costs incurred by the installation of exhibitions are the residents’ responsibility. The staff maintain the right to initiate exhibitive projects in common spaces, and the exclusive right to organise any public event. Photographic documentation of events organised by staff (exhibitions or artist talks, study excursions) may be used by publishing on the residency’s homepage or social media, unless explicitly prohibited by any contract of the resident with a third party (this case please indicate).

All artworks / papers produced during the programme remain entirely the property of the resident, unless left behind at the end the residency period. Work left behind and all related elements will become the property of ARiRGuiniguada, with the right to dispose of them in the most appropriate manner. ARiRGuiniguada appreciates if artworks produced during or inspired by the programme are credited as such.

Residents’ place for attending the programme for a certain period is secured upon receipt of 50% of the fee. The remaining 50% is due before 28 days of arrival. Please note all bookings made under special promotions – early bird calls – are non-refundable. Promotions cannot be redeemed in conjunction with another promotion or discount (returning resident -7%). The deposit for securing the residents’ place is non-refundable if residents cancel their stay. In vis major (force majeur) cases (unexpected health issues, pandemic etc.) ARiRGuiniguada offers to postpone residents’ residency period. The rest of the fee (50%) is due no later than four weeks (28 days) prior to the commencement of the programme, and is non-refundable. If full payment has not been received by this date, ARiRGuiniguada reserves the right to cancel the residency without refunds. The fee is fully refunded by ARiRGuiniguada only in the vis major case of having to cancel the programme for a secured period.

Checking in or out between 21:00 and 7:00 is possible for an additional fee. A charge of €75 will be taken in the event of a resident losing the key. ARiRGuiniguada reserves the right to charge residents for any damage done at the residency during their stay or for any items that are missing when residents leave.

The resident is responsible for informing ARiRGuiniguada in writing of any serious or life threatening medical conditions and any medications taken regularly. Should the resident have any specific requirements (medical or otherwise) any necessary arrangements must be discussed before attending the programme with staff. If it is felt that the premises of ARiRGuiniguada cannot properly accommodate the particular needs of a resident, then ARiRGuiniguada reserve the right to decline a place. In addition, if full details in relation to a medical condition have not disclosed at the time of securing a place, ARiRGuiniguada has the right to cancel immediately upon that awareness. It is recommended that the residents take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy, including health cover, before a visit to Spain. Be aware that if travelling from outside the European Union, one will not be covered under the Spanish health system. ARiRGuiniguada will not be responsible at any time or under any circumstances for medical fees in case of illness or accident.

The successful running of the residency depends on an ethos of kindness and mutual respect. This includes respect for human diversity, for the residency building and grounds, and the surrounding area. In cases of violating ARiRGuiniguada rules, as stated on our homepage, especially not respecting the prohibition of national, race, gender or spiritual supremacy ideas, causing irresolvable conflict with other residents, or criminal behaviour, ARiRGuiniguada reserves the right to immediately terminate a residency without refund.

Processing of the residents’ personal data takes place in accordance to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679). This agreement cannot be altered or varied except through written amendment agreed and signed by both parties. This agreement shall be governed in accordance with the laws of Spain / Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands and subject to the jurisdiction of Spanish / Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands’ Courts.