Our Guided Trips Menu

We love to be hired for half or whole day trips to take you to the sites of the rich natural and cultural heritage of our island, either by foot or car, on different levels of sportiness:

Bio Walk Local

Flora and field activities in the close surrounding - easy

Permaculture, carbon cycle in the middle and upper gardens. The launching of the ‘meztic forest’ in the reed. Weed control and use, animal co-working, propagation of endemic species, grades of intervention in the landscape. Alimentary, ornamental and other uses of given species, endemic, cultivated or invasive. Local traditional land use, landscaping, geology and hydroculture. Demonstration in the gardens, the common reed, a walk in the street which is an ancient river bed of the valley, a hike up to the small hilltop through the southern looking slope with a different microclimate than ours. Start 10:00 hiking, lunch break back at home at 13:30, garden interpretation 15:00-17:00.

Bio Walk Advanced

Insular botany - medium

Hiking in the Barranco Guiniguada, visiting the Jardín Botanico, the island’s most important botanical garden comprising the overall flora of the island’s six types of climates (coastal desert, semi-desert, thermophyl forest, laurasilva, fayal-brezal, pine forests) and a rich collection of exotic species. A visit to the state-run reforestation nursery. Start 8:56 bus to the nursery, walk to the botanical garden, picnic lunch there, hiking back to the house through the trail until 17:00.

Las Palmas guided tour – medium

The historic quarters of Vegueta and Triana: the experimental colonial town that has been the prototype of Latin American settlements, founded in 1478. The ecclesiastical, royal-administrative, social and civilian monuments, urban planning. Start 8:56 bus, end 18:50.

Cities East

Historic cities, archaeology in the East of GC - easy

Car trip to the ancient city of Telde, the pre-conquist southern kingdom’s capital, then important religious and bourgeois centre’s old town. Cuatro Puertas, the aboriginal settlement and site of worship, sacrifices. Agüimes, the southernmost historical town. El Bufadero at La Garita, a natural seawater blowhole. Start 10:00, open air picnic lunch, home at 18:00.

Hiking archaeology, East - hard

Morro del Cuervo petroglyphs at Agüimes. Barranco de Guayadeque, aboriginal cave village, in a well-preserved natural setting. Storage cave system of Cuevas de la Audiencia or pertoglyphs of Lomo de los letreros at Temisas. The village of Temisas, traditional agricultural architecture. Salt plant of Salinas de Tenefé near Pozo Izquierdo, or the museum of the 18th Century Finca de Condal at Juan Grande. Start at 9:30, till 19:30

Top trip - medium

Mirador (viewpoint) Presa de los Hornos, hiking up to Roque Nublo. Artenara, the highest lying village, ethnographical cave-terrace house museum. Cheese manufacture Queseria el Cortijo el Montañón, or other of the ‘queso de flor’ artichoke cheese. Start at 9:30, till 19:00

Top archaeology hiking – hard

Cruz de Tejeda viewpoint, hiking the sacred mountain Roque Bentayga, sacrifice site. Acusa Verde cave village, painted caves. Transhumance cheese manufacture Las Lajitas at Ventanieves. Cave village of Barranco Hondo de Abajo. Start at 9:30, till 19:00

Cities&sea North – easy

Mirador El Atlante – the geological section of the volcanic and erosive periods of the evolving Gran Canaria. Salinas el Bufadero, an ancient salt plant with a water blowhole. The historic town of Agaete (botanic garden), visit to the valley: Necropolis de Maipés (aboriginal burial ground on volcanic field), tropical plantations (coffe, cherimoya, etc.). Natural swimming pools, the harbour town of Puerto de las Nieves. Start: 9:00, end: 19:00

Cities&forests North – medium

The country estate of Finca de Osorio, chestnut and cork tree forests, rare orchids, mushrooms. The historic town of Teror, archbishop’s seat. The historic town of Firgas, “Balcon del Atlántico”, water channels or Barranco de Azuaje, a torrent with subtropical vegetation, endemisms or Los Tilos de Moya, the laurasilva forest. Natural swimming pools of San Andrés or Puertillo. Start: 9:00, end: 19:00

Top&south – medium

Roque Nublo hiking, the village of Fataga, the palm oasis of Arteara, sunset at the Dunes of Maspalomas. start 9:00, end: sunset

Volcanic hike local – hard

Climbing up to the caldereta of either Pino Santo to the village of Sagrada Corazón de Jesus (El Camino de Pino Santo), or Monte Lentiscal or Luz with Caldera de Bandama, with visit to wine cellar Plaza Perdida, through the British colonial villa of Tafira.