Reforestation - Land care

Not only because of the shame we feel that our island is remote, thus is accessible only through burning carbon based fuels, but also because land shall be protected for the sake of all of us animals and plants, we immediately started to get involved in the grand insular movement of reforestation. Gran Canaria used to be covered with forests, before the Western European need for the sweet brown powder called sugar has turned the landscape into a system of plantations. Now there are very confined patches of the original three types of forests (actually there were four: on the coasts the palm and dragon tree assemblies): the thermophyl, laurasilva and pine forests. The Council is heavily supporting the reforestation, providing endemic plants for you to take away for free and just plant to the proper microclimate you are living in. Though our valley already has a large number of trees – thus this is not the case of terraforming – on spots of unattended land I started to recreate a forest assembly inspired by own, permaculture and syntropic guidelines. This includes open-air physical work to accelerate humus production, and slowly increase biodiversity.

Compost covered with mulch

Fungi growing

Endemic plants from the nursery

Replacing the reed with endemic forest species
first round 2019 summer

third round 2020 winter

the (ex)reed in front of the house