About us

We left the metropolitan life for living on an island on the river Danube in 2012. We felt an urge to reconnect with nature, seeing how land is abandoned and not being taken after – and at the same time, the world wide web had a strong effect on our ways of connectedness. This decision we cherished since, and this way we could give our guests many days of joy in a rural setting.

In 2018, we, Tamas and Endre, social researcher and art historian (1977, 1978), boarded a plane from Central Europe and went beyond the Pillars of Hercules (now called Gibraltar, which means the end of the known world) to live on the Blessed Islands („Islas Afortunadas” – as the medieval Spanish put it). Our goal is to host, in this hybridised form of staying, people who are ready to leave the routines of their home behind and spend time working, relaxing, hanging out in our house.

We believe this very spot of the valley, as well as the valley itself and this island were the right choice for this end.

Endre Lehel Paksi is an independent researcher, curator and critic of contemporary and 20. Century art. Focused on the art of light, installations, the hermetic impulses of abstraction, and ecological aspects. Graduated at ELTE Budapest, Art History (thesis: Studio Interiors of Budapest 1885-1914). Former curator at Ernst Museum, assistant of the sculptor and conceptual artist Gyula Pauer. Curator of the "More light - light environments" the first Hungarian comprehensive exhibition on art of light (New Budapest Gallery, 2015), "ColourLightMusic" (Macar Kültür Merkezi, Istanbul, 2021), "Little Hungarian Lumino-Kinetics" (Budapest Gallery, Budapest) "Bauhaus 100" (Macar Kültür Merkezi, Istanbul, 2019), "ROM 1-2" international meeting of live audiovisual performers (joint venture with AVNode, Budapest, 2016, 2017), "Dorf-Welt-Kunst" Imre Bukta’s agricultural art (CHW Vienna, 2016), "Radiospective" art and radioactivity (FKSE, Budapest, 2012), and "Loopholes" travelling propaganda exhibition on recycling and reuse joint venture with the NGO's Öko-Pack and HuMuSz, 2008)

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Tamas P.Toth’s primary research interests are equality of opportunity, equal treatment, social exclusion/inclusion of sexual and gender minorities (LGBT+ people), homophobia, HIV/AIDS prevention, work family balance, social history of homosexuality and narrative identity. Editor of Socio.hu - Social Science Review since 2011. Currently he is an independent resercher, external research fellow of the Centre for Social Sciences, Institute for Sociology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre of Excellence.

He worked as a social researcher at the Institute of Sociology, Centre for Social Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences between 2007 and 2019. He earned his PhD degree at ELTE, Budapest. Between 2007-2012 he was the project coordinator of the HIV Prevention within High-Risk Social Networks – International Social Network Study II. (Led by CAIR, Medical College of Wisconsin, USA) of the Hungarian site. From 2011 until 2018 he was the Scientific Secretary of the Institute of Sociology, Centre for Social Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

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