The residency has a fee of €650 for the minimum 2 weeks stay; partners are allowed for the additional cost of €300. This covers the cost of accommodation.

As for being a resident at our place, we motivate a longer stay in order to fulfil the Roman rule: In the Canaries live like the Canarios! (local motto in use: “Ser Canario!”) Our minimum stay is two weeks, but this is usually too short for building up the local routines and to start working on your projects. Our pricing underlines this motivation effort: after the first two weeks' period the weekly additional fee drops to €220 (for partners plus €150/week in the same private room).

Residents are encouraged to seek their own funding for their stay; we may provide you a confirmation letter of participation. We are not able to provide documents to apply for Visa.

Residency conditions

Language of the residency is English. Maximum number of artists and researchers resident at one time is 8. Partners are allowed and welcome in the same private room but asked to pay a fee to cover accommodation. Pets are not allowed. Our house is not accessible with wheelchair. 

Application via e-mail to Selection procedure is carried out by staff.

In your application, please indicate the following: 

Expectations of the artist or researcher

Terms & Conditions 

Group applications 

Artist and/or researcher groups carrying out their own programme (from 5 persons) are also welcome occupying the whole residency area. Accommodations are available for the maximum of 10 persons. In this case we can provide meal (vegetarian, pescatarian or “normal”) on request.