Our ideal of the residency is providing a place for recharging in a rural setting, and at the same time, also providing a micro-community for exchanging ideas. Similarly to Brion Gysin's Third Mind concepction, which can be summed up as 1+1=3.

Artist and Researcher in Residence Guiniguada is awaiting guests who have projects or would want to get a deeper understanding of the following issues:

Ecology & society

  • ecological art

  • food chain

  • carbon and nitrogen cycle

  • recuperation of ecosystems

Arts & society

  • visual language

  • contemporary art of light

  • hermetic traditions in modern art

Human rights & society

  • equality of opportunity

  • equal treatment

  • social exclusion/inclusion

Naturalia of the island

  • the indigenous flora and fauna of Macaronesia

  • subtropical submarine biome

  • geology of the hotspot volcanic island

Culture of the island

  • (traditional) uses of plants, woods, herbs

  • archaeology of the island, the “forced stone age”

  • hydroculture, the monumental landscaping of the uneven annual rainfall

  • recent history of the first modern colony of Europeans and its role in the globalised world

We would not consider ourselves as unquestionable experts on all of the fields listed above, but these are the questions we have dealt with, and keep on inspiring us. We believe raising awareness of these interconnected issues helps taking responsibility for the future of the Earth and humankind.

General facilities / services

  • large outdoor and indoor spaces

  • large work desks

  • abundance of organic material

  • basic wood and metal working electric tools

  • basic manual stone working tools

  • manual gardening, landscaping tools

  • collection of international and Canarian fresh herbs for cooking and tea

  • internet (The Canarians take a different pace in the project of eradicating the material world, but we strive to provide broadband wifi in the house. 4G signal at every point.)

  • parking is possible on site

  • no smoking inside; allowed on the terraces

  • excursion recommendations

  • organised trips (additional charge)

  • home restaurant from minimum 3 persons (additional charge, ordered in advance, on site)